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Jackie Lobland

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Jackie Lobland, Accounts Payable joined our team in 2011. In addition to her bookkeeping talents, she's been known to exhibit thespian and artistic tendencies. She has acting training from the Los Angeles Theatre Academy, studied graphic design, and is taking a website building/design class.

What she loves about working at CQ:
"This job has opened my eyes to the deaf community and the struggles they face. This business helps people on a daily basis . . . The ladies [who work at CQ] are all motivated, smart, funny, hip - just a great group!"

And a little bit of history:

Jackie won a Jacks tournament when she was in Junior High and as a young equestrian she was also awarded a few blue ribbons in jumping at horseshows. As an adult Jackie and her friend wrote, produced and starred in a radio drama that was aired nationally on NPR. She also is . . . "proud of my relationship with my grandmother, who has passed. That bond we shared is one of the treasures of my life."

The three best jobs she ever had were working at the SPCA - "horrible pay but helping animals was awesome!" She was the Stage Manager for a huge show for the LA Festival. "I had never done any Stage Managing and this was a complicated show set in a huge hotel ballroom. Again, terrible pay, and that's how I landed the gig . . . however, this experience taught me I can do anything! And Communique, of course!"

What Jackie loves doing when she is not working is have fun with her boyfriend Doug, lounging around with her cat Jambo, journaling and immersing herself in the great outdoors.

Jackie in her school uniform, sixth grade. Her sense of style has moved well beyond the uniform phase.


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