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Legal Issues: ADA, Rights, and Responsiblities

NAD: Advocacy Letters

The letters below can be used to inform and help you advocate for your rights. These letters are not a promise of legal representation and using them does not mean that the NAD represents you. Please contact the NAD if you have questions about the rights of deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

Learn more at https://www.nad.org/resources/advocacy-letters/

Mission: We advocate, educate, investigate, and litigate to advance and protect the rights of Californians with disabilities. For legal assistance call 800-776-5746.

This 7-page publication provides guidance on the Department's 2010 regulations relating to communicating effectively with people who have vision, hearing, or speech disabilities

A six-part series by Christopher Tester About the ADA in ASL

Howard Rosenblum, CEO of the National Association of the Deaf explains VRI and patients' rights

Laws and Resources Related to Sign Language Interpreting

Federal laws and resources pertaining to the provision of Sign Language Interpreters.

Legal Resources for Interpreters

Information and resources for interpreters working in the legal field. This organization's goal is to promote the training and certification of interpreters in this area of specialization.

This document of current Best Practice that addresses some of the most critical and essential elements of legal interpreting work.

Published in 2009, it details 24 best practices to employ when working in legal and court settings, including preparation, note-taking, team interpreting, encounters with law enforcement, and much more.

Improving Interpreting Services Project

In this video in ASL, President of NorCRID, Terri Manning discusses the project of improving interpreting services, called "Interpreting Services Project". DCARA and NORCRID have collaborated on this project with the goal of improving interpreting services offered.

What Differentiates American Sign Language Agencies from Spoken Language Agencies?

This is a document describing what agencies that specialize in sign language interpreting do that differentiates them from other interpreting agencies.

Brochure: Assessing an Interpreting Agency's Quality of Services Provided

This brochure provides information and tips that helps agencies or consumers discern whether or not the agency in question is providing high-quality sign language interpreting services provided.
Questions about the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Information, guidance and training on the Americans with Disabilities Act. Find the nearest ADA center in your area. Visit the website for links to extensive ADA information and training opportunities.


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