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Wendy Oto-Nacol, Accounts Receivable joined our team in 2012. Previous employment includes mortgage banking, general ledger accounting, at Blue Cross as an auditor, and consulting. Besides accounting she enjoys art, photography, reading, and gardening. She is an intrepid Girl Scout leader and has 1,000 fun activities (and the supplies!) at the ready for any occasion.

She loves working at CQ because "Although the clients stay the same mostly, the nature of the engagements changes all the time. Always something new. Doing the invoicing, I feel like I know the people we serve although I cannot even talk to them or ask about the circumstances because it's all confidential. I think it feels social because it's all about people and service."

And a little bit of history:

Not surprisingly Wendy has been awarded Volunteer of the Year 3 times by the Girl Scouts. She was class president in 9th grade when she was handed the gavel by her sister who held that position the previous year. She is very proud that her kids turned out okay and are "not criminals" and also that professionally she has a good reputation.

Some of her favorite previous jobs include Kentucky Fried Chicken "because it was a high school job where all my friends worked." Wendy goes on to say "there was Sears - love the hardware department! Then Cost Plus, I could stock the entire porcelain and gourmet department. Then Chinatown, getting to know all the locals and the restaurant business." She says "Mortgage banking was my first professional job as a general ledger accountant. Reconciled some very long bank statements and had to begin wearing glasses 6 months into that job. Blue Cross auditing Medicare cost reports was great because we got to travel a lot and the hours were long, but we did not mind. Finally as a consultant, engagements were short and long term, clients good. Got to do many high level projects, enjoyable. Yard Duty with the schools was fun too, no problem telling those kids what not to do. Property management, well, that one not so enjoyable but necessary."


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