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In-Person Interpreting

Our clients have relied on us since 1994 for accurate and insured sign language interpreting for medical, employment, social services, government, legal, theater, and music. A documented 99.9% rate of successful appointment coverage by our certified, qualified interpreters ensures the services that you need.

Video Remote Interpreting

Video remote interpreting "VRI" brings an interpreter to any location no matter how remote. We offer free software compatible with most devices (iPad, Mac, PC, iPhone, Android) that allows you to access our video interpreters within 30 seconds or less. Ideal for hospital or clinic admitting desks, Emergency Department intake, any type of customer service desk, one-on-one meetings, and a multitude of other settings. With VRI you can communicate quickly and easily with virtually every customer, no matter the language. HIPAA and ADA compliant.


We can connect you to the help and information that you need. We have links to resources for interpreters, where you can learn ASL, for parents of Deaf children, senior citizens, medical and mental health providers as well as information about the ADA and other legal mandates.

Communique Interpreting
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Established in 1994

Certified, insured, reliable and accurate interpreting

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